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Prepared Slides

There are many good sources of prepared slides, including Amazon and eBay. Additionally, some science supply companies sell pre-mounted slides. One of these is Carolina Biologicals:

Slides, cover-slips, tweezers, pipets and other utensils

Amazon is a good source of microscopy materials. In addition, there are many science supply companies that sell similar materials, such as:

Lenses, filters, and other optical toys


Amscope and Celestron are two major suppliers of microscopes and accessories. However, many other suppliers can be found on Amazon. Edmond Scientific sells many science-related resources related to a broad spectrum of topics. Similarly, Carolina carries many science and biology related products, including live samples such as amoeba.

While we didn't test these microscopes, Explorer Microscopes have a number of similarly priced microscopes available, as well as other materials:

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